Automation Tester Training

The Automation Tester Training Program is designed to give you complete information about software system testing technologies. With this automation testing course, you may become adept in test automation and with success employ the technical information you learn to create a strong testing framework using Page Object style Pattern and Data-Driven Approach. QA Automation Testing is one of the trending testing technologies for effectively analyzing the quality of the software. Automation testing makes the work of a software tester easy and faster by automating the tests on every aspect of the software. Become a certified professional on QA Automation Testing by attending comprehensive training with placement course from leading training providers. Learn about the latest standards and techniques used in QA Automation Testing from expert trainers.

What You Will Learn From Us

  • Overview of Automation Testing and bug tracking tools
  • Basic Testing Vocabulary
  • The Cost of Automation Testing
  • Software Quality Factors
  • Why Do We Test Software?
  • What is a Defect?
  • The Multiple Roles of the Software Tester (People Relationships).
  • Scope of Automation Testing

Our Testimonials

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Took classes from Ali, he is one of the best trainer. It is like spoon feeding.

Ran Dheer