Can I attend the course more than once?

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Yes. You are attending the training sessions as many times as you want until you get the hold of the topics. Just request us to include your name in our upcoming batches available at that time and we will add you in just half payment of course. This means you have infinite access to our videos [...]

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What are the benefit of online course?

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No need to spend your precious time, energy, and money on traveling. You can be present the training classes seating at your own desk or anywhere you want from the comfort of your household. You can revise the training as many times as you need. In classroom training, you do not have an opportunity to repeat [...]

How does the course work?

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This course includes software testing fundamental + advanced training syllabus to make your career ready so that you can take any on-job testing tasks. We are conducting online trainer led live interactive training sessions using QA Trainers (world’s best online training experience) software. You can join the live training sessions by the course invitation link sent [...]

Who can attend this course?

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If you are a just college pass out, this is EXACTLY what you are looking for to open the entrances for your dream profession. If you are professional ANY other field but you want to be in IT, this course will help you make this switch easily If you are a skilled testing expert, you will [...]

What is the batch timings?

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Online course sessions in different timings in the duration of 9.00 am to 9.00pm.Every session gets 2 hours. This is the most suitable time for all the participants from all over the world. Also with these timings even working experts can attend the course.

What if I miss any session? or what if I fall behind?

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Don’t be worry. We record all the training sessions. So even if you lose any training session you can catch up with the help of the recorded video sessions. This means you have the freedom to take any occasion or emergency off in the course period which is not possible in the classroom training. But you [...]

Can you give me more discount for the fees?

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We are already offering this course in much-discounted price. Also along with this course, you are getting some premium high-value learning material which will be your guide throughout your career. If you still need to see more about discounts and offers please contact us. We also have referral and group booking discounts please contact us.

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